John was a great inspiration to my record and body of work in general. For 24 year old Mayer, it seemed to come so easy and it moved me watching him the same way Dave Matthews moved me years ago. In a way i was jealous of his talents but inspired all the same to remain true to myself and just do, do do..

Jason Mraz about John Mayer, 22/10/02 (x)




so i feel like i should tell you guys that i’ve found the formula for a perfect and incontrovertible insult:



you perfectly rectangular shitbowl!
you obscenely lamentable assbasket!
you fantastically nauseating dicksoiree!

go forth and blaspheme

I am laughing so hard.

Suddenly everything is beautiful.

Me encanta recordar todo lo nuestro y no hay nada que borrar de nuestra historia. Nada. No pedí conocerte pero llegaste en el momento justo y todo fluyó en orden, sin omitir pasos, lo más difícil lo hiciste tú saltando el muro de mi desconfianza. Si alguna herida se abrió en el proceso tuviste cuidado especial de utilizar tu ternura como analgésico y cuando me ponía difícil era un regaño, luego un besito y hablar los motivos. Si de pronto sientes que nuestro tiempo ya pasó, sólo quiero que sepas cuánto valoro todos y cada uno de nuestros instantes compartidos. Todos.

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¿Nunca han sentido que desean a alguien muy desesperadamente? No en un ámbito sexual, sino que necesitan tocar su piel, abrazarle, sentir su calor y su olor, ver su sonrisa, ver lo suave que su cabello es, ver dentro de sus ojos y sentir su voz.

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(i) You will meet a boy whose lips will taste like raspberries
He will ask you to send him pictures of yourself, in your most intimate state
Do not do it, he is poison, he will use them for his own pleasure then leave you wondering
why you aren’t good enough
Your body is beautiful, but your mind is to die for
He is insignificant

(ii) You will be on the beach one day, a popular girl will point out the stretch marks that delicately lick your hips
She will look you in the eyes and laugh
Don’t you dare cover them up
You are a tiger
You have earned your fucking stripes

(iii) Do not confuse lust with love
You might feel like your insides are melting when he touches your thighs
But it will not be worth the pain of you lying on the bathroom floor sobbing at 4am after he finds someone new

(iv) Wear your favourite shoes all the time
It doesn’t matter if they go with your outfit
So what if they’re bright red?
If you love them wear them

(v) Masturbate
Find out what feels good for you
Don’t ever be ashamed either
You need to find out how to bring yourself to climax
So that you can teach him or her just how you like it, don’t waste time

(vi) Be polite, but if you don’t like something you have no obligation to go through with it
‘No’ is a complete sentence
It does not require justification or explanation

(vii) If you meet someone and he cannot come to terms with the fact that hair grows from your legs, your armpits and your vagina then he does not deserve to be within 10ft of you
You are under no obligation to shave

(viii) Your vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina
It is not supposed to smell like a fucking fruit basket
If he says he will not go down on you because he ‘does not like the smell’
Direct him to the door
Tell him to go and fuck a melon

(ix) If you meet a stranger with green hair that sticks up in all the wrong places
Listen to them
Learn from them, drink in their passion and curiosity

(x) Your mistakes do not define you
Don’t let them keep you awake at night

(xi) You do not need someone else to complete you
You are a masterpiece
Stop waiting for a boy to come and sweep you off your feet
Go on dates, to the cinema, to restaurants
It is okay to do things by yourself
You need to know how to be content with being alone

(xii) Your first and last love should always be yourself.

Dear Sixteen Year Old Self // E.E (via ckings)